Total Show Packages

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It can be very daunting when it comes to trade shows.   The setup, the obnoxious costs involved with drayage and storage, etc....Oh, and those union guys with their deep pockets and open palms guarding the doors.

The Total Show Packages have been selectively crafted to fit within a 10'x10' booth space.     All of these can be wheeled in through the front door and easily setup.   Our kits come with complete installation instructions to eliminate any and all guess work.

Please check the Kenwood Co-Op Policy for eligibility and rates.   Click here to download the Kenwood Co-Op Policy from Kenwwod Dealer tools.

Note:   All graphics shown on displays are representation only and can be adjusted/customized to fit your market.

If you require anything larger, we can also accomodate a 20' booth space - Please call (714) 894-5520 if you have any questions.