Promotional Products

Welcome The KENWOOD Official Promotional Products Store!

The KENWIOOD Marketing Store offers so many exciting choices for your promotional needs! We know that sometimes too many choices can be overwhelming and time consuming, so we have put together categories of our most popular items that you can browse through quickly. But, keep in mind, we do have access to many products - so if you don't see what you're looking for or have a special theme or request, let us know - we'll find it!   We have access to items from over 300 different suppliers in the promotional industry! Any item that you do a search on will be provided on a list so you can very easily review the details and price.

Standard POP items outlined in the categories below have been approved for 70% Co-Op reimbursement.   Items not listed in the categories below should be presented to Kenwood for prior approval before submitting for Co-Op reimbursement.   Please contact your Kenwood Manufacturer's Representative for prior approval on any item that is not listed in one of the categories below.  

For questions regarding the KENWOOD Co-Op policy or for special requests, please contact KENWOOD at:   [email protected].

Please check the KENWOOD Co-Op Policy for eligibility and rates.   Click here to download the Kenwood Co-Op Policy from KENWOOD Dealer tools.

If you have any questions regarding items on this site please contact  [email protected] or call (714) 894-5520