Additional Marketing Services

Press Releases 

 Press Releases are an inexpensive way to build awareness and do promotion for your business, and all with the credibility that you can’t buy with advertising.  From new hires to receiving an award, there are at least 30 reasons a business -- of any size -- should create a press release.  We’ll help you put your release together and distribute it to the local and regional publications that will find it newsworthy and give you tips for uncovering stories editors want to read, plus, press releases are excellent additions to your existing web site.  Contact us for “30 Reasons to Create a Press Release” and to learn more.

Sales & Customer Service Training

Sales Training.  We offer sales and customer service training workshops, from half day or multiple day sessions at your site to on-demand webinars.  Why settle for generic training when you can learn from a wireless industry veteran who has helped sell millions of dollars of two-way radio equipment?  Ask about the new “Turning Storytelling to Sales” workshop and webinar series.   

Local & Regional Marketing

Local and Regional Marketing is easy when you can rely on an expert in two-way radio, someone who can put together the words and visuals to give your company the competitive edge.  We can help you create a marketing plan with strategies to support your sales goals like promotions, event and trade shows. And, best of all, it's surprisingly affordable and fast with our "Three-Step Local and Regional Marketing" Process, so request that today.

Media & Marketing Plans

Advertising in Local and Regional publications can take up a lot of your time when you need to spend it running your business.  Let us take care of selecting media, negotiating the best possible price and creating really smart and impactful messages for your SMR business.  Make this the year you get that business you just know is out there!  Request the “How The Experts Select Media” Guide today and find out more.

Web Site, Social Media & E-Newsletter

A good web site design is not enough. You have seconds for your web site to make a good impression. Copy is as important as the design. Turn this over to an expert who knows how to talk to your potential customers and help you make the best first impression. Our monthly social media plan combines creative and attention-getting messaging that is custom-designed for your business. Turn your e-newsletter over to us and we will fill it with useful content that will motivate customers to buy. Establish your company as an industry leader; contact us today to learn more and get your free copy of “What the Big Companies Don’t Want You to Know about Social Media” and “Don’t Be Tempted to Put These 5 Items on Your Home Page”.

Radio and TV Advertising and Collateral 

 Sales Collateral, Brochures and Radio and TV Advertising can be time consuming tasks.  Turn it over to us instead of training a company that doesn’t understand your business.  We’ve been creating sales collateral and brochures for two-way radio dealers and have been the “voice” behind Kenwood radio and TV advertising for nearly twenty years. We can tell you what will work and how you can make your business a stand-out.  Email us today for “Best Radio and TV Advertising Fast and Easy Tips” and to get started on that brochure you’ve always wanted to do and never had time!


Please contact Elaine Baugh at (520) 620-0063

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