Tier 2 New Dealer Full Website Subscription


This product is also electronically distributed.

The Tier 2 option allows the dealer to have more control over the sites
content. In addition to having all of the same features of Tier 1, the dealer
also has the ability to select which markets they target and also have the
ability to pick and choose which radios they carry as opposed to Tier 1 where
all radios are displayed within each category.

- Select Category (LMR / BRS / P25)
- Select Individual Markets
- Select Individual Radios
- Add Company Logo
- Unlimited Template Options
- Home/Introduction Page
- Default Videos And link up to your Youtube acct
- Optional Testimonials
- Add Contact Information
- Service Multiple Page Creation Option
- 25 Email Boxes
- Interactive Catalog Flipbooks
- Administrative Backend & Support

Set up Fee: $275