KENWOOD Calendars

Don’t delay Order Your
2021 Kenwood Calendars Today.
September 30, 2020 Deadline

Make it a Kenwood Year…. The Kenwood 2021 calendar is filled with images and product photos. Kenwood Dealers can utilize the calendars as a great advertising tool to promote your business, or as a way to say thank you to your current customers, or prospects.

Personalize your calendars by adding your dealership name, logo, address, phone number and website to the lower front of each calendar. Your dealer information will be visible throughout the entire year.

Calendars are priced at $4.75 each and may be ordered in increments of 25 above minimum order (50+ minimum order required) with no limitations.  In addition, a Kenwood logo printed envelope is available for mailing purposes at an additional cost of 0.89¢ ea.

Please send in your order commitment no later than September 30th, 2020 to be included in this special offer. Calendars will begin to ship out Mid-October, 2019, if not sooner just in time for the holiday season.

Please Note: Personalized data (dealership logo, name and information) can be entered onto the front of each Calendar in black ink to customize for your business. The setup/press run fee to add your personalized company information is
only $79.00.

The 2020 calendars may be reimbursed at 100% through your co-op account.
Please visit to claim you co-op reimbursement.

Login to Kenwood Tools to view current Co-op fund balance.
The Co-op website can be accessed through either of the following:
Kenwood Tools: -> Marketing -> Co-op Program or

Please email [email protected] or call Steve at (714) 894-5520 if you have any questions.

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