Branded FlipBooks

These Flipbooks are a great addition to your company or Kenwood subscription website.

These custom molded flash drives are ideal as customer giveaways or meeting handouts.   With close attention paid to detail these drives will grab anyones attention, not to mention serve as a great personal utility.

The minimum order for the custom drive is 50 and can be ordered in any increment from there on.  Our popular drive capacities are 1GB, 2GB & 8GB but we can produce the custom drive at many other storage capacities that are available.  

Please check the Kenwood Co-Op Policy for eligibility and rates.   Click here to download the Kenwood Co-Op Policy from Kenwwod Dealer tools.

For an additional mold fee, we can create any one of the Kenwood's radio line - Ask for details.  You can also have your drive customized by adding your logo in one color to either the front or back.

Memory is a commodity and prices fluctuate with the market.  

Please note: Turnaround for standard orders is 18-20 working days.  For a custom mold, please allow an additional 10 working days.  


Add your company Name, contact info and logo to the Kenwood catalogs and keep your own brand on the products that you sell.   Please allow up to 24 hours for this product to be generated.

We will automatically install the flipbooks onto your Kenwood subscription site at no additional charge   - These will replace the current standard Flipbooks.   To host on your own company website, a link will be provided or we can supply a zipped file for you to install - Please specify when ordering.

Please note:   These are proprietary designs specifically designed for use in promoting Kenwood radios only.   All imagery owned by Kenwood or other parties are licensed images and may not be used for anyother use without prior authorization.   Please do not extract imagery for any other use without first obtaining proper authorization from Kenwood.   See Conditions of Use under Infopages at the bottom left of this website for more information.   For available authorized user imagery you can visit the Dealer Support section at the top of this website.